The Long and Short of It

For the first time in a very long time, I've decided to grow my hair long. I've been sporting a shorter do for years and to be honest, it didn't make me feel less of a girl or anything. I just wanted to see as to how long I'd last without making that costly trip to the salon. Having a long hair means maintenance for shampoo and other girly stuff but I've never been the type of person who spends 30 mins on the shower. I just wash and dry. But right now, I couldn't really decide if I should cut my hair shorter or grow it longer. I know I can just grow it out but maybe I like it the way it is, for now, that is. One thing remains the same though, my forever love for short shorts. Tan lines be damned. Exactly the same time this year, I wore this badass shorts but paired it a corset, blazer, and heels. Sometimes it's not just about the shorts anymore but the entire outfit, how you styled it, and the body beneath the clothes. And yeah, the longer my hair grows, the shorter my short goes. Beauty is not achieved by adding until nothing more can be added. But by subtracting until nothing more can be taken away.  

shorts: blind clothing | top: F21 | shoes: keds | bag: vintage


That Awkward Moment

When you ask one of the boys from your cycling team to take your 'outfit' photos and somebody else is watching. By somebody, I meant his friend and someone I know. Everybody's a friend of a friend and this world is just getting smaller, I tell you. I sort of had a hard time concentrating and posing. After how many years of keeping this blog semi-alive, I am still camera shy, especially if the ones looking are people I know. But sometimes I just overcome the shyness cause I need to get that money shot. HAHA. I can get a bit demanding sometimes but my friend who took these photos was quite patient. Or probably because he doesn't have a choice. I already bossed him around by asking him to take my photos. Who knows. But I'm a believer of the kindness of people so he was being polite and I like it. Not that I took advantage of it or something. Wearing this sweater on a sweater weather was a bad decision. It's been raining for weeks but it was pretty humid earlier even with an overcast weather. I was sweating bullets but I had no choice, I already went out wearing this sweater. So, I guess, that's something similar to standing by your decision. 

My tan lines says hello, btw.