Walking Around

I used to wear high heels. Now I climb high mountains. I used to wear ultra short shorts. Now I wear long skirts but with high slits.

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photos by my sister Liezyl
Skirt: F21 | Everything else from SM 


Oh My Darling Quarantine!

Spent most of my days in the boondocks and I'm starting to loathe the city life. I've also unplugged myself from the worldwide web for a good three, four days or maybe a week. I can't even remember. I have this habit of posting at least one photo a day on my Instagram feed. I went through a phase where I count my days base on the photos I post on my Instagram feed. It felt like after posting a photo for Monday or the after that, I ask myself  what else is there. Is that really all there is kind of thing. It's almost "blog to live" rather than "live to blog" only that it's on Instagram. This quick hiatus is not some magic trick or what most people do in time for lent. I find that a bit hypocritical, giving up something only for a period of time. If you give up something, that means there's no looking back, you give it up forever. At least that's how I see it and I don't care about what you think. Or perhaps I'm just slowly drawing myself back to the usual. But in all honesty, the great outdoors is where I really want to spend most of my time with. Life is really one big adventure. I want my life to be just that. 

Yep. Still wearing fashion clothes. You can't go wrong with a classic black dress. At this point, I challenge myself to wear fashion clothes in the great outdoors. I'm serious. Kim and Kanye made it to the cover of US Vogue so nothing's impossible now. 

dress: F21 | t-strap sandals: Parisian | bag: Zara | Sunnies by Colon
photos taken by an iPhone and edited with VSCOCam