That Awkward Moment

When you ask one of the boys from your cycling team to take your 'outfit' photos and somebody else is watching. By somebody, I meant his friend and someone I know. Everybody's a friend of a friend and this world is just getting smaller, I tell you. I sort of had a hard time concentrating and posing. After how many years of keeping this blog semi-alive, I am still camera shy, especially if the ones looking are people I know. But sometimes I just overcome the shyness cause I need to get that money shot. HAHA. I can get a bit demanding sometimes but my friend who took these photos was quite patient. Or probably because he doesn't have a choice. I already bossed him around by asking him to take my photos. Who knows. But I'm a believer of the kindness of people so he was being polite and I like it. Not that I took advantage of it or something. Wearing this sweater on a sweater weather was a bad decision. It's been raining for weeks but it was pretty humid earlier even with an overcast weather. I was sweating bullets but I had no choice, I already went out wearing this sweater. So, I guess, that's something similar to standing by your decision. 

My tan lines says hello, btw. 


Life in Squares

A lot has happened in my life and never had the time to sit down and share it through my blog. It's funny how we always say we don't have the time when the only thing we truly own is our time. Or maybe it's just an excuse for being lazy and never setting priorities right. Or not putting my 100% and just saying it lightly and not doing anything about it. It's easy to say something but it's slightly different to commit to it. So, committing to achieve the goal, that's a start. We all start somewhere, right? Lately, I've been living my life in squares and sharing a part of my daily life through instagram. One thing remains the same though, my love affair for shorts. My wardrobe and outfits gravitate towards the basics - shirt, shorts, and flats. Never bought anything new and haven't been shopping for clothes, too. Just recycling old clothes by mixing and matching one with the other. Most girls will always say they have nothing to wear and that's the biggest lie, ever. Girl, look into your own closet, you have a lot of clothes to wear. Sometimes we always look too far enough not realizing it's just right in front of us. :D 

photo of me taken by bmv with an iphone and edited w vscocam
top: f21 | shorts: terranova | shoes: charles and keith | backpack: sm