Wearing a one piece suit is tricky because it gives an illusion of having a smaller or larger frame depending on the cut and size. It can also be flattering depending on your body type and of course, the way you carry yourself. Nothing is even more sexier when you have confidence with what you wear. That's not something you can buy over the counter or with designer labels. It's not just merely dressing up or wearing the clothes but also about attitude. Wear it like you mean it. The one I'm wearing for this post is one or two sizes smaller so it emphasizes my human anatomy. But isn't that what one piece suits are for. I sort of forced myself and committed to wear this suit regardless of the size. You know what they say. You don't alter Vera Wang to fit you. You alter yourself to fit Vera. 

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photos by my sister Liezyl


Walking Around

I used to wear high heels. Now I climb high mountains. I used to wear ultra short shorts. Now I wear long skirts but with high slits.

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photos by my sister Liezyl
Skirt: F21 | Everything else from SM