With Reckless Abandon

I am no expert when it comes to cycling or anything related to it. I just watch other guys or girls crash and break their bones. I am learning AND I am trying. Not the crashing and the breaking of the bones part, alright.

Growing up, I was more exposed to running. It's easy. It's cheap.There was no need for me to balance my body like when you mount a bike. With running, I did not have to exert a lot of effort with mind and body coordination. I just made sure I have more than enough speed and endurance. It's not a very technical sport unlike football- something I've also tried. But I suck at it. Big time. I was supposed to talk about cycling;I just digressed. I sometimes do that. There may be instances when I use my mind while I'm on the track or on the road thinking how to outrun the person ahead of me; or how to finish first on sprint relays or the mid distanced 400m dash. Looking back at the kind of training I had in high school, I can barely believehow I survived it all. It made me appreciate athletes more. They're very disciplined individuals. Ehem. Ehem. I'm just coughing. 

Life is a race. If not a competition. It always is, always has been. Everybody wants to get to the finish line before anyone else does. Even on my way home from work, the driver always wants to get ahead and pick up more passengers than the other drivers. They have to in order to keep heads above water. With running or any sport that requires discipline, we train hard to win if not (to) finish the race. There's always a goal. Everything is always moving. Nothing is at rest. I do not know where this is heading so I will stop and pause. This is the good thing about blogging- you can control what you say but you can't control what people would say about you. I don't really care at all. Life's like that. You can't change it. I don't think anyone really cares to read this blog so I just write what I like and I like what I write.

Just two weeks ago, Bal Marsius and I were in Camotes Island to celebrate his birthday. We stayed in Mangodlong Paradise Resort and there's been a lot of  progress since the last time we were there. The resort has a lot of amenities and it's the perfect place to chill. You can just let go, forget all about your worries and be a bum. They had folding bikes for rent at only 100php for the entire day. It's cheap if you ask me. We had our first bike ride and it made me really happy. Not because we rode together but finally, I was able to go the distance. I was so proud of myself. It's not hardcore if you're some bike enthusiast or self proclaimed expert and you got lost in this blog. It's never too late for anything. Forgive me if that sounds cliche. But I was just too damn happy! There weren't any big industrial trucks or fucked-up drivers like the ones you see in the big city. We had the road to ourselves and we went off track. As always, I prefer going down versus going up. Maybe because I love the idea of falling. I imagined being on the edge of a cliff with both hands on the side and free falling. That's close to what I feel when riding downhill. You just let go. With reckless abandon. It's scary yet risky but it's totally worth it and fun!
I fell off the bike. Good thing I did not suffer any major bruise. Otherwise, I might have hated myself. But those will be battle scars. No pain, no gain.

photos of me are by my boyfriend, Bal Marsius.


roanjean said...

Lord, nganong wa man ko makat-on ug bike? :(((

R. Joy de Leon said...

nice view chy! :) sarap mag bike..hehe! I thought this post is about your new bike na eh ;)