Ray of Light

The plan was to reduce my outfit colors down to the basics of white, black and grey but I just couldn't resist this yellow dress. It's not any of my mood swings. My skin's loving this color, too. It's not the nauseating kind of yellow but rather a bright and happy one. This dress is the exact summation of what I feel right now - purely good vibes and happiness all the way! Although I don't understand why there's only 100 days of happiness when you can always choose to be happy in every single minute. I do understand that some people have a certain level of happiness or some reach a different level of happiness. I truly respect all that but why be sad or only have 100 days when you can be happy all the time? I regret the times I was feeling sad and I felt like I robbed myself of the happiness I deserved. Am I making any sense? Or just clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth. :) 

dress: F21 | shoes: Parisian
photos taken with my iPhone and edited with VSCOCAM


Tabet said...

Cute dress! :)


Putri Valentina said...

the color dress is so pretty!


Michelle Vinnetan said...

Simple yet pretty ♥ love it so much


E said...

This is such a pretty, cheery look! I love the flats with this sunny dress!